Can You Still Get Paid Working From Home When Sick

It is hard to determine whether or not an employer will be understanding when one of their employees is sick. Therefore, it is important to have set measures in place for paid sick leave. During an outbreak, such as coronavirus, people live in fear. Since the government requests that people stay indoors, the best solution is to choose the option of working from home.

You can get paid if you continue working at home, but there are different factors to consider. Coronavirus is highly infectious. Thus, the best solution is to remain at home to avoid spreading it to others.  As such, you can sign a contract to work at home until it is safe to go back to work.


Moreover, there are other types of industries which allow you to work from any part of the world. If you are sick, take time to recover, but remember, there are bills to pay. If you are not very ill, you can sign in to different jobs and start making money by working from home.

working from home

Working From Home

Google, as a company, was among the first to send their employees home after the outbreak of coronavirus. Employers and companies are urged to come up with a solution to help their employees work from home if they are sick as they seek treatments. This action is to prevent the spread of the disease to others.


You can work from home through your phone or laptop and still make significant contributions to the company. In such a case where the employer has given people the authority to remain at home means that you will be paid as long as you meet the set terms. Take this opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and then get to work. 

Consider Paid Sick Leave

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a consensus that Americans have to remain at home to prevent the spread. This consensus mostly affects those people who have already been confirmed to have the virus and those feeling sick. The wellbeing of the nation comes first in many countries. Thus you have to choose whether to get paid or remain at home. In the US, the house passed a Coronavirus Response Act after various negotiations with the White House.

The bill aims to provide money to people stuck at home due to coronavirus. If this act is passed and signed by the United States president, most American workers will receive two weeks of paid leave. This bill proposes 100% of the standard salary.


Moreover, these bills aim at providing 12 weeks of paid medical leave and family leave. In this case, you will receive 67% of your typical salary. Sick leave means that you will get paid even while at home. Thus, it will be like you are still at work.

Leverage Online Space

If your business allows you to work online, consider working from home through online companies. If you are sick and waiting for recovery, consider investing in freelancing or other types of online stores to earn money. Most online businesses, such as online consultation services, involve creating a website and sharing videos, blogs, and articles with others.

Online jobs involve online payments such as PayPal. Thus, you don’t have to worry about being broke even when you are sick and staying at home. Working at home and making money is not impossible even when you are ill and still of a sound mind.

Organize Your Technology

Even if you are ill, you can earn money working from home. Many companies have embraced technology. Consequently, you can speak with clients, provide them reports, host meetings through online platforms, and update others through emails and other social media.

After organizing your technology, you will conduct your job routine at home and still manage to meet the deadline on specific projects. The primary objective of any company is employee wellness. Therefore, as long as you deliver quality work, you will get paid. It doesn’t matter where you were.

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The Bottom Line

COVID-19 has instilled fear in many people, and they are unable to go to work in fear of being infected. Moreover, if you are sick and you have to remain at home, fill in a sick leave with your company to continue earning money. You can also work online and deliver your services through an online platform. We hope, with these tips, you will be able to earn money during your time at home.