Top Five Apps to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants provide creative, technical, and administrative services to clients from various parts of the world. A virtual assistant has an office where people seek help. Virtual assistant jobs are well paying and are among the jobs available through online apps.

In modern society, people have started working online with changes in technology. To find a virtual assistant job, it’s essential to understand scam websites and those that are legit. There are various steps to follow before finding virtual assistant jobs online, including being active on social media to market your skills and experiences.

To save time while looking for an online virtual assistant opportunity, the following apps provide a permanent solution.


Elance and oDeck apps were introduced in 2013, and since then, many potential employers have connected with people looking to provide virtual assistant jobs. Prospective clients posts their needs, then interested parties bid on the given tasks. Choosing Elance and oDeck apps like Upwork is the best solution, as they are likely to find you virtual assistant jobs.

Task Rabbit

The Task Rabbit app specializes in connecting people locally. This app is, therefore, one of the best places to find online virtual assistant jobs. There are a variety of tasks you can apply to do and get paid for that will work to assist people looking for help online.


Freelancer is among the prominent apps providing various virtual assistant jobs. The pay is determined by the services provided. If you are looking for online virtual assistant jobs, Freelancer is the option. They connect millions of potential employers to a virtual assistants to aid in data entry and even in administrative work.

Amazon Market

Amazon is an online application where people post their services and experiences in various sectors. Choosing to find online virtual jobs in this app may be lucrative if you have the time and motivation to compete among other freelancers. The payments are based on how competent you are and the standard of the services provided. You should consider this app if you think you might succeed in this arena.


Over the years, Fiverr has gained popularity for their competency and provision of various job opportunities for people looking to work at home. If you are looking forward to specializing in virtual assistant jobs, then Fiverr is a great option. You will be able to get clients in need of employees to carry out data entry jobs and other administrative work. This app is reliable and has helped millions of users to find jobs and services.


Working online is gaining popularity across the world, as many people find it easy, and the opportunities are in variety. Being a virtual assistant involves providing services online, and payments are made based on the standard of services. Potential employers have posted various jobs online for interested and qualified parties. The above apps serve as an intermediary connect between the worker and employer.

Understand that most apps and platforms do not require a registration fee to become a virtual assistant. The apps have been fitted with numerous features, ensuring that you have a variety to choose from. Consider using the above apps to earn money with more ease and convenience.

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