Online English Teaching Jobs – How to Apply?

There are many students around the globe who are seeking to improve their English-speaking skills. These individuals include not only children, but also businessmen and other individuals from various backgrounds. With the help of technology, these learners will have access to education from home with the use of their computers.

If you are looking for online work and you have the skills to teach English, as well as the passion to help foster literacy and education, applying for online English teaching jobs would be a great option for you. To know more about online English teaching jobs and how to apply, read on…

What are Online English Teaching Jobs?

Online English teaching jobs provide individuals with the chance to teach English online. As a tutor, you can provide lessons to people from all parts of the world, working on a schedule that suits your needs.

Nature of Online English Teaching Jobs

Since many people around the world do not speak English as their first language, there is no doubt that there is plenty of work available in the English teaching area. To assist in meeting these people’s needs, you will need to present prepared lessons. As the teacher, you will base your lessons on a theme. As your sessions continue, you should make corrections as well as encourage the participation of the student.


Lessons will usually be conducted through Skype and other similar platforms that help facilitate student-teacher interaction. Since students usually want to further their skills, typical lessons may revolve around conversational topics such as culture, sports, films, and hobbies.

Online English Teaching Jobs – How to Apply? 1

Online English Teaching Job Rates

The rates for online English teaching jobs vary per company or website. Some websites pay anywhere between $10 to $25 per hour. Classes typically last anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour depending on your company of choice.


Online English Teaching Jobs Expected Monthly Earnings

If you earn $10 an hour and work 8 hours a day, you can earn up to $80 a day. For 30 days, if you put in 8 hours every day, you will earn a minimum of $2,400 a month. Should you work more hours a day, your monthly earnings can increase as well.

Online English Teaching Jobs Eligibility

The qualifications for online English teaching jobs vary from one company to the other. While there are companies and websites who require tutors to have a bachelor’s degree related to the job, there are also other companies who only require candidates to have TEFL/TESOL/ESL certificates.

Apart from these basic necessities, you also need to be an effective communicator, a patient teacher, and an approachable educator. Likewise, having a reliable internet connection, laptop, computer, webcam, noise-cancelling headset, and a quiet working environment is also ideal.


How to Apply for Online English Teaching Jobs

To sign up for online English teaching jobs, simply do a quick Google search for online English schools and select the company or companies you wish to teach with.

Some companies which actively hire new teachers from many different countries year-round include Teach Away, DaDa, 51Talk and more. There will generally be a sign-up or application form available on the site for new teachers.

After signing up, your qualifications will be checked by the administrators. If you pass their initial assessment, you will be given a series of tests and examinations. Doing so allows the company to gauge your teaching style and grasp of the English language as well as determine your rate of pay.

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If you want to share your passion for learning and the English language whilst earning an income from home (or anywhere in the world), do yourself a favor and check out your options for online English teaching jobs today.

We wish you well in finding the best online English teaching jobs!