Morgan Stanley Careers You Can Pursue As A Student Or Recent Graduate

Morgan Stanley is an American international investment bank and financial services corporation with its headquarters in New York. With offices in over 42 countries and over 80,000 staff, the firm’s clients include companies, governments, organizations, and individuals.

Morgan Stanley ranked number 67th in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations in the United States by total revenue. Morgan Stanley came into being on September 16, 1935, in reaction to the Glass – Steagall Act requiring the separation of commercial and investment banking undertakings.


During its first year, the firm had a market share of 24 percent (1.1 billion USD) during public offerings and private placements. To learn how you car get a job at Morgan Stanley as a student or recent graduate, continue reading.

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What Is Morgan Stanley?

The new Morgan Stanley is the result of a 1997 merger, in which the company became known as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. In 2001, the new company changed its name back to “Morgan Stanley.” Today, the firm’s core business areas are retail shares, wealth management, and investment banking.

Morgan Stanley is a financial services corporation that consults, trades, manages, and transfers capital for institutions, governments, and individuals through its affiliates and subsidiaries. The company operates in three market segments: retail securities, asset administration, and investment management.


How To Apply At Morgan Stanley

When you want to make it into the graduate scheme of Morgan Stanley, you have to be able to compete. The US investment bank received over 90,000 applications with about 1,000 positions on sale this year. Morgan Stanley’s head of firm-wide graduate recruiting and program management, Stephanie Ahrens, offers her advice about how to get inside the bank.

Experience in a related field is not required to apply for the programs. Candidates who have done internships in other fields, or worked part-time during their studies, may have a benefit. Volunteering work is often highly respected and can also differentiate an applicant.

Candidates, however, need to ensure that they present their job or volunteering experience in a way that makes it applicable to the expertise in the different programs and divisions. They need to talk openly about how their previous experiences prepared them for a job at Morgan Stanley and have concrete example of such.


Practices are given primarily for students in the penultimate year. Students in the final year can still apply if they intend to do a Masters immediately after graduation. Many divisions will also consider applications from students in the last year who do not have any further plans of study.

A curriculum vitae needs to demonstrate strong academic credentials, including a minimum of 320 UCAS points and a real or projected 2.1 in your diploma. Excellent academic results are critical because they show skills and personality traits such as motivation, dedication, determination, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity, all of which are important for new hires.

Careers At Morgan Stanley

In total, Morgan Stanley is looking to add some 2,000 workers to the currently 80,000-person business, a number that has shot up with the bull market in the past 18 months.

As of September 29, 2018, Morgan Stanley’s most famous work listing has been for Registered Associates, an entry-level position under a Financial Advisor that handles client relations. The job had 147 total listings divided up under three distinct exact title names, which were combined to represent the actual number of hires for that role.

Some of the roles available include a Registered Associate, Client Service Associate, a Web Developer — Java, Service Associate, Business Service Manager, Java / Scala Developer, a Senior Registered Associate, and a Wealth Management Associate, among others.

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Surprisingly, even as the summer came to a close, the investment bank was also searching for a large number of interns.

Like any bank which is partly rooted in Silicon, it needs a lot of people who know Java, the programmatic cornerstone of banking. Java is by far the most sought after language at Morgan Stanley, as it is listed in more job descriptions than anything else.

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