McDonald’s Job Vacancies – Learn How to Apply Online

McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast food chains with a very prominent presence. This chain has a menu that suits both local and international tastes so there will always be something delicious for everyone.

Apart from their delicious meals, the fast food chain also helps the economy by providing jobs to a large number of people. Those who need extra income to start a new career or help support their families or studies can definitely apply for a job at any McDonald’s store.

If you are wondering how to land a job with McDonald’s, here is some information that you need to know, especially when it comes to the different positions and how you can apply online.

  • Why Work for McDonald’s in the First Place?
  • Become a Crew Member at McDonald’s
  • Be the Face of McDonald’s as a Cashier
  • How Do You Apply for McDonald’s
  • Why Working at McDonald’s Will Make You a Better Person

Why Work for McDonald’s in the First Place?

When you think of McDonald’s, you might think that working at a fast food restaurant is not a satisfying job. However, there are a lot of benefits to working for McDonald’s.

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McDonald’s currently employs over 1.9 million people all over the world in over 30,000 global locations. Apart from the worldwide coverage, employees also benefit from a very competitive salary as well as becoming part of a global brand.

McDonald’s has been the top fast food restaurant in the US and many other regions for the past few decades. If there is one job that is stable enough to provide for your daily needs, it’s a job within McDonald’s.

Enjoy All These Corporate Benefits

Apart from working at a very prestigious fast food corporation, McDonald’s employees also enjoy the benefits of being employed in the company. These benefits include having flexible shifts. This allows employees to pursue their education while also maintaining their employment at McDonald’s.

Speaking of which, employees also enjoy educational assistance and childcare discounts. Employees also get to purchase McDonald’s products at discounted menu item prices.

They also get basic paid holidays every year and have very robust healthcare coverage in case of emergency. Those who have stayed in the company for quite a long time, also get to enjoy the 401(k) retirement plans.

Become a Crew Member at McDonald’s

There are a lot of positions to apply for at McDonald’s. One of which is becoming a crew member. Crew members are the entry-level positions that are commonly offered to many people.

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Your tasks involve carrying out different responsibilities such as housekeeping duties, preparing the menu items after the cashier has placed them, and customer service. The job also entails taking accurate orders while making sure that there are still supplies.

Most of the time, the job position is offered on a full-time basis, but many also opt to choose to become part-time crew members. To apply, you need to be at least 14 years old and above. You can start earning between $11 to $17 per hour.

Aim for a High With a Management Position

If you already have experience working at a fast food restaurant and you want to aim for a higher position, try applying as a manager at the store. This position involves overseeing the entire operations, especially during your shift.

You are also tasked to guide the new and entry-level employees and incorporate them into the entire team. The manager is also responsible for their customer’s satisfaction and is meant to deal with the many complaints of the store. In this category, you have a lot of position options, such as shift manager, assistant manager, or store manager itself.

Other responsibilities include conducting interviews, updating timesheets, processing payrolls, and even communicating with other branches and regional offices. You can also start in an entry-level position and work your way up to a management position.

Be the Face of McDonald’s as a Cashier

Managers and crew members might have different responsibilities but a cashier is one of the most crucial roles within the store. The duties of a McDonald’s cashier involve taking orders and making sure they are being served to the customers on time.

They also prepare the food and take care of the sales for that shift. Many cashiers often work at the front of the stores while others take care of the drive-thru orders. The cashier is one of the most underrated yet highly recommended positions if you want to apply at McDonald’s.

You are basically the face of McDonald’s. Applicants will be required to have at least basic knowledge of kitchen equipment and have the best customer service. Cashiers can also work part-time or full-time depending on your preference.

You must be over 16 years old to apply for this position and enjoy hourly wages between $11 to $17.

Provide Technical Support as the Store’s Maintenance Technician

If you’re one of the shy ones that do not want to entertain customers, McDonald’s still has a place for you within their workforce. You can apply as part of the maintenance team as a maintenance technician.

They often provide support to the restaurants by making sure that all the kitchen equipment and food prep equipment are running properly. They also maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and the entire restaurant. Many maintenance technicians also fix any technical issues and install new equipment.

This is one of the job positions that are being offered full-time and part-time as well. If you’re looking for a job that pays around $11 to $17 per hour, you should consider applying for this position.

How to Apply for McDonald’s

Those who are interested in the positions mentioned above can head over to their official website and apply for the positions.

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The career portal offers the option to send an application, and you should be able to see if there are any vacancies at your nearest branch or in the surrounding area.

The career portal will also give you all the information you need for your application, such as the requirements and what the position entails. Go ahead and fill up the application form so you can start your McDonald’s journey.

After submitting, you can wait for the manager to call you and schedule you for an interview. Check out more tips below on how you can fare better on your application, especially during the interview process.

Here’s How You Can Fill Out an Application

The application process can be tedious so let’s make it easier for you. First, you need to apply to the closest store possible. The location is a major factor in your employment as you want to be as close to the branch as possible.

Then, you will need to fill up the application form with all of your personal information. Make sure that everything is stated clearly, and try to avoid using an inappropriate email address. Then, you will need to make your resume professional and state your availability for the job so that the manager will know what to expect from you.

While waiting for your application, you can also talk to other employees or former employees so you’ll know what to expect from the job that you just applied for.

Why Working at McDonald’s Will Make You a Better Person?

While working at McDonald’s provides you with a stable job and income, there are still so many things you can learn from the job. There are many positive reasons to work in a fast food environment like McDonald’s.

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First, you get to learn how to work with a team and within a high-stress environment. This helps you become a team player while also catering to the needs of your other co-workers and customers.

Working in a customer-centric environment also helps with your people skills. If you’re planning on honing your social and interpersonal skills, the best place to do this is by meeting people of different backgrounds.

Lastly, you get to learn how to identify competent people, all while getting paid.

Interview Questions That You Need to Prepare

Once you are called for an interview, it is best that you prepare to answer some of the basic questions that will surely be asked. One of the many interview questions that you need to prepare to answer is why you want to work for McDonald’s.

Some of the safest answers to this question involve working in a safe and friendly environment that helps you grow as a person, or you can say that it is a platform for you to grow professionally.

Some questions, like why should we hire you or how long you intend to work for the company, are questions that you need to be prepared to answer during the interview procedure. Always be prepared and have the presence of mind when answering them.


Hopefully, this article will help you land a job at your nearest McDonald’s branch. Make sure to consider the information given above if you are interested in a career at McDonald’s.

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