How to Make Money as a Search Engine Tester

Search Engine testing is one of the best ways to earn money from home. It entails complicated logarithms handled by people with extensive experience in engineering. So, if you have such experience, this could be a great job for you.

Many search engine companies are looking forward to hiring qualified personnel with excellent skills to evaluate search engine machines. Evaluation jobs are numerous and, thus, a reliable source of income. Plus, you can have the convenience of working in the comfort of your home, and, maybe, on your own schedule.


A search engine tester’s job description includes giving feedback to their clients on whether the search engine results are comprehensive, accurate, spam-free, and timely. They ensure the search engine is reliable and relevant to the searcher’s intention. To learn more about being a search engine tester, continue reading below.

How to Make Money as a Search Engine Tester 1

Search Engine Tester Job Requirements

Search engine testers must familiarize themselves with the language and culture of the local searcher. Some search engines are in English only, so no need to worry. As a search engine evaluator, you must have at least a college degree, be creative, have extensive experience in various cultures, and be reliable. You must have extensive knowledge of the internet and daily news trends.


Most of the search engine evaluation jobs are in contracts. You can decide to work as an independent contractor or temporary employee. The degree of flexibility you have will largely be up to you.

Where You Can Work

There are different websites that offer search engine evaluation and testing jobs. Read through the list to see if any of them are a good fit for you!


To work at Appen, you must be a native speaker of the language of local people in the area you are working in. Working as an independent contractor affords you the flexibility to work approximately four to five hours each weekday. To qualify, you must be fluent in one or more of the 120 languages Appen offers its clients. There is internal training for three weeks to ensure you understand all their terms and conditions and their primary focus to clients.



Search engine testers or ads quality raters, as Google calls them, are not necessarily hired directly but through outside employment agencies. Applicants must have extensive knowledge of local culture and excellent web analytics experience, as well as communication skills, a college degree, or any equivalent experience.


ZeroChaos has taken the initiative to train applicants who have lived in a specific country. A search engine tester must have proficiency in English speaking and extensive knowledge about and experience with English based software. The job description involves reporting visual quality and the accuracy of the ads.

Lion Bridge

To work at Lion Bridge, you must have a strong background in the country to qualify and have extensive knowledge of culture and current events. The jobs are available across the globe, but the roles and responsibilities are specific to each country.

How to Make Money as a Search Engine Tester 2

How Much Does a Search Engine Tester Make?

Search engine testers earn $8 to $15 every hour, which varies with the hiring company. Search engine testing jobs allow you to work from home; therefore, you can be flexible in your working hours. There are no commuting charges, thus good pay. The jobs also help you learn more about the world.

Bottom Line

You must be ready to look for jobs in the above companies and ensure you practice to enhance your internet logarithm knowledge. Before joining any company as an independent contractor or temporary employee, ensure it meets your expectations and interests. A search engine evaluation career guarantees good income and reliable job contracts.