How to Make Money as a Brand Ambassador

When it comes to personal and corporate brands, it is a numbers game. Being a good brand ambassador relates to how many followings you have on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. So, if you want to partner with brands, one thing they will consider first is your following.

It is a win-win situation; companies are looking for people with a big following to advertise and boost awareness of their brand, and you can earn a decent income from this.


The good news is that once you become a brand ambassador, this will open up lots of opportunities for you, and you can turn this into a career. Let’s get to the facts.

Brand Ambassador

How to Build Your Audience

Well, in this Internet world, what everyone wants is content that resonates with them. What sort of content do you publish on your Instagram and YouTube? Is it beneficial to your audience? (Getting more followings and subscribers after your posts will tell you how useful your posts are). Also, be sure to keep your audience on their feet, meaning, keep posting content that will keep them glued and looking forward to more.


It’s also essential to choose a niche instead of being a jack of all trades. This will help your channel become easily searchable and distinct.

Identifying Which Partners to Work With

Once you have established your network, partners will just come in naturally. If not, you might start reaching out to them. For instance, if you frequently post about using a specific kind of phone, the brand manager might reach out to you, offering free goodies, or ask you to be their brand ambassador.

However, be sure to represent only the brands you like. It should never come off as a business; otherwise, you will sound inauthentic. If this happens, your audience will know, and they might end up unsubscribing from your channel.


Of course, in the long run, this will hurt your clout – not forgetting that this is the life of your business as a social media personality. The very last thing you need is for your audience to start questioning your content.

What Exactly Do Brand Ambassadors Do?

Well, just as the name suggests, you become the face of a product or a brand. Some of the duties include posting on your social media platforms and linking back to the products, attending seminars and conferences on behalf of the brand, or speaking in meetings on behalf of the brand. You might also have to hand out samples at events on behalf of the brand.

How to Apply for and Land Brand Ambassador Gigs

One advantage of this kind of job is that it can be done remotely. This implies that wherever you are in the world (as long as you have stable Internet and a computer or a smartphone), you can carry out your business.

To begin with, joining ambassador groups on Facebook will help you break into the field. In most cases, brands will post in these groups looking for ambassadors; if you apply and you are a good fit, the gig will be yours. Furthermore, by joining these groups, you get to interact with other ambassadors, a thing that will help you grow your business or career (whatever you choose to call it).

On the other hand, you can decide to approach them. For instance, if you are a beauty fanatic, go to that cosmetic store and ask to advertise their products. You can start small and later ask to do it at a fee. This is how you will grow.


Whichever brand you choose to represent, let it come from a place of pure love. In other words, represent a product you are passionate about. Also, be sure to have used or still use that product. Otherwise, how will you convince your audience to use something you are not sure about?