Jobs That Help Save Animals Facing Extinction

Today, a plenty of careers give people the opportunity to make a positive impact. One of them is through doing something in the area of wildlife protection. For instance, certain research jobs offer the chance to discover why certain species are at the risk of extinction and how this damage can be reversed.

For animal lovers especially, these jobs can be super rewarding. Can you imagine what a fulfilling experience it can be to help both nature and the animals that are increasingly facing extinction?


So, what are the type of jobs that can help you save animals that are facing extinction, and how can you find them? You can learn more about that by reading below. You will also get to find how much you can expect as a salary from such positions.

Jobs That Help Save Animal Facing Extinction

Conservation Officer

In the job of a Conservation Officer, one enforces the law when it comes to the conservation of fish and animals. The main idea when working with this job is that you need to find a way to ensure that human beings and animals can share outdoor spaces safely.

The duties can vary depending on the location you’re in. Here are some of the common duties involved with this job.

  • Help investigating into untowardly act that take place in the parks
  • Teach people how to share the outdoor spaces with the animals
  • Patrol to ensure animal and people safety
  • Enforce fishing and hunting rules
  • Relocate dangerous animals who wander off to other grounds
  • Search and rescue

The average pay for this job is around $58000. You have to be first trained first before you begin full time.

You first have to apply for the training, which is physically demanding, to get the job. You will also have to undergo a criminal record check and be at least 18 years to get into the training.

Advocate or Administrator for Wildlife Conservation

As advocates, people can work in different capacities to help endangered animals. They can be advocates who can speak on behalf of the animals that are in danger.


Animals can be endangered by a number of factors such as displacement, poaching, among others. There are others who can lobby for the rights of the animals. Those who are good at public relations (PR) can help out as well.

For example, a public relations professional can write social media posts to get the government’s attention. These jobs are quite crucial as they offer you a chance to speak for the animals. For different tasks, these are the different salaries.

  • Lawyers can make an average of $145,000
  • Admin assistants can make an average of $43,500
  • PR specialists average salary is $70,200

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biologists are another category of people that can help save animals that are facing extinction. This category falls under the larger zoology term, and it basically constitutes the study of animals.

There are a number of setups that you can choose to work in when you’re a wildlife biologist. They have different types of wildlife that a biologist can choose to study. They are the following.

  • Ornithology – Birds
  • Herpetology – Reptiles and amphibians
  • Primatology – Primates
  • Marine biology – Sea life
  • Entomology – Insects

With each field, you will study the behaviors, health, and different aspects of different creatures in the field. Most of the work here, however, is focused on research. The research will help solve the problems that are faced by the animals in your field of study.

Jobs That Help Save Animal Facing Extinction
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Responsibilities of a Wildlife Biologist

Responsibilities of a wildlife biologist include the following.

  • Collecting data and samples for studies
  • Find out how human activity affects wildlife
  • Develop programs that help prevent human and animal altercations
  • Create studies geared towards specific animal population and ecosystems
  • Help monitor wildlife population – this also includes managing population

The average amount that a wildlife biologist makes is around $67,500 and they stand to make even more when they advance in their careers.


With many animals being endangered from a number of factors, there are ways that you can help save them. Here are a few career options that will ensure you’re in the frontline when it comes to saving animals from extinction.