The Types of Jobs Available at a Marketing Firm

To say you are ‘looking for a job in marketing’ is a very broad topic to cover. ‘Marketing’ is but one umbrella term we use to cover one sector of work.

Within this sector, there are plenty of job opportunities for those with relevant knowledge and experience. Within this article, we’ll be highlighting a few relevant topics.


To name a few, we shall explain what marketing jobs are, where you can find employment, the average salary and wages, and the necessary qualifications for a marketing firm.

The Types of Jobs Available at a Marketing Firm

What are Marketing Jobs

As stated in the intro, there are many different individual jobs you could potentially apply for in the marketing sector. These range from being the Social Media Manager to the Digital Marketing Director.

In the modern world, we rely heavily on the World Wide Web to do our business, which has dramatically affected the marketing world. We can now do our jobs and work entirely online, and this certainly has its pros and cons. So for the focus of this article, let’s look at a few of the jobs available at a marketing firm in the modern-day.


The ‘Marketing Specialist’ is the job most often applied in the marketing world. These are the people who create marketing campaigns for company growth and the promotion of products and services by the company. As the Marketing Specialist, you’ll be responsible for researching trends and finding out what customers want and what is in demand.

The ‘Search Engine Optimizer’, or SEO for short, is the person or persons responsible for making certain websites appear more often in the search results of search engines, such as Google. This position calls for a good understanding of language and communications.

You will have to write articles using specific keywords to increase the subjects’ ranking’ with the search engine. An excellent example of what an SEO needs to put out into the world would be this very article.


‘Product Managers’ oversee the development of their products, or the quality of their services, from start to finish. There are the guys responsible for making sure the company’s products are original and meet the quality standards set by the company.

This is a job that necessitates a significant quantity of thinking on your feet, financial management, and handling statistics and trends you see in the company’s production.

The ‘Advertising Coordinator’ job is to support the marketing team’s efforts with marketing projects through the media. These are the groups of people who coordinate advertising campaigns to convince potential consumers that their products are what they want.

These are just a few of the countless jobs available in marketing. It will be challenging to locate a complete list of every position available in this sector, so it would be easier to look at what jobs the individual companies’ use of.

Where You Can Find Employment

We mentioned earlier that the growing use and reliance on the internet as a platform from which we can work has changed how we can do our jobs. This has, naturally, also affected the way we can find employment.

The quickest approach to land a job in marketing, especially one online, is to look for one using the internet to see what companies are advertising open positions. A variety of sites exist, like CareerBuilder, which aids in searching for job postings around the world.

Another way is simply by recommendation. If you know anyone in the field who knows of available positions, that connection can go a long way.

If these two ways aren’t for you, you’ll have to do some detective work and apply for as many jobs as you can with various companies in the hopes that one will hire you, or defer you to their marketing team or company they outsource.

Average Earnings

For such a broad variety of jobs, it makes sense that each position’s average salaries vary quite wildly.

For example, the annual average salary for the Search Engine Optimizer is just short of $50 000, while the Brand Manager can earn upwards of $70 000.

If you’re looking for a job that pays pretty well and involves some ‘people work’ and statistics, then marketing may be for you.

Necessary Qualifications

To begin with, you’ll need to aim for a bachelor’s Business Leadership Degree, or an associate’s Digital Marketing Degree.

With the huge variety of different jobs available, different degrees are weighted more than others, but let’s not forget the importance of experience. Coming from a background that entails a similar type of work is highly valuable when applying for a marketing job.

For some general courses to look for when studying, try for marketing strategies, digital marketing, quantitative analysis, consumer behavior, or strategic management. These will provide you a great starting point.

The Types of Jobs Available at a Marketing Firm


To quickly close this advice, know that there are plenty of different jobs available in the marketing sector itself and that you may bounce around between these jobs until you settle in and get comfortable.

The pay is decent, and the required skills aren’t too out of reach. All you need is the experience, skills, and a little luck, and you should be set.