Online Selling: How To Take Better Photos For Sales

At first, it can be tough to sell online on any platform, especially when you start from scratch. However, there are tips to help you get through the most difficult part. Follow this guide to learn how to use digital advertising to effectively make money online. If you have an web store, you need to advertise your items well to get more customers. Your shop is your asset, whether you sell clothes or second-hand products. Above all, you need to show your clients that you present well-handled products.

Great pictures are the best way to show off garments and products for sale to prospective customers. If you sell clothes, begin by steaming the clothes to make them look their best. Then put them on a mannequin or lay them out nicely. Use a light backdrop, vivid and natural lighting, and lots of different viewpoints to catch the colors and specifics of each garment.


There is much more than just that to taking great photos though. If you want to improve your photos, we are here to help!  Here are some ideas that will help you take better pictures of your second-hand clothes and products to prepare them for sale.

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Use Black, White, Or Grey Backdrops for Online Photos

This will help maintain bright lighting, dissuade distractions and ensure accurate color captures. You can use a white wall or a smooth sheet. In addition, for a little more money, you can buy a roll of seamless paper from a photoshop.

Use A Digital Camera

Using a DSLR to photograph your items will make them look even more professional. A larger number of megapixels will capture more of the clothing’s color and finer details. Set the ISO to no higher than 600-640 to avoid graininess. Set the aperture above F/11 to keep all the details of the garment focused. It is also important to note that you need to take pictures from various angles. For more basic camera setting tips, click here.


You can also use a smartphone to take photos. When using clear, natural lighting, smartphone photos will look beautiful and get the job done. Use your phone to view the product side by side with a sunny window. Focus on the angles, change the luminosity, then take the pictures.

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You Can Hire A Model

Looking at the model’s clothes or products gives the customer a better understanding of what the gears will look like in real life. Often, a successful model could cater more directly to your target market. You could also ask a friend to help you with the modeling. If you’re great with your camera and the self-timer, you might even be able to model your own goods to save money!

You can also use a mannequin if you’re selling clothes and other garments. Mannequins are a great investment that can help you make your photos reliable and keep your budget small for the future. At any time, you could set up the mannequin and take pictures without paying for or designing a pattern. Mannequins also allow customers to visualize wearing the items.



Whatever it is you’re selling, having well-presented products always appeals to the public. It is very important to note that people see the photos before reading the description of your product. These tips will help you get started! For more online selling tips, click here.