How To Start A Bubble Tea Business

If you’re planning to start a highly profitable company with less competition, then bubble tea may fit the bill. Bubble tea is a popular drink in various locations around the world. You need to be creative in making a base for your tea and mixing blends to venture into the business.

This drink offers a lot of profit potential and comes in traditional and wild flavors. It is a drink with a distinctive and friendly taste, composed of chewy tapioca pearls filled with the drink’s sweet flavors. In addition, the drink has become quite trendy in recent years.


Bubble tea can be made and prepared quite quickly. Tapioca preparation is similar to cooking pasta, spaghetti, rice, or ramen noodles. If you can boil water, tapioca can be prepared. You’ll be amazed at how easy it was after you make your first bubble tea. However, preparing the drink isn’t all you will have to do. Continue reading to learn tips for starting your business. 

Bubble tea
This drink offers a lot of profit potential and comes in traditional flavors of milkshake. Photo

How To Get Started

Although coffee is widely used in many countries, bubble tea also attracts the attention of many. With the launch of this tea in the early 1980s, it has been favored by people who are aware of its health benefits. Reports claim that the bubble tea trend has been steadily increasing over the years. People either drink bubble tea in a shop or to buy the ingredients to make their own at home.

Are you interested in getting into this market? You should have tips on how you’re going to run the business. While starting does not require all the skills, some such as leadership skills and the ability to motivate employees are necessary. Here are other steps you can take to ensure your enterprise is a success.


1. Research Your Target Market And Location

A little strategic planning could make a ton of difference in the profitability of your company. When you start your tea company, it is essential to ensure that you fill a gap in the market or supply-demand. Research ways to compete with your competitors. Study your tea shop’s location and see if it’s your business ‘ right location. Often times a location buy a school is a good idea as teenagers are avid followers of this trend.

2. Make Your Business Plan

As with any other business, it will be essential to devote time and research to your business plan. Once you’ve got your loan squared away, look at permit costs, cleaning equipment, materials, and other costs. Figure out how much you’re going to have to sell each month to make a profit.

3. Study The Product

Bubble tea is a niche in the beverage industry that also has other niches that you can specialize in to increase your revenue and profit margin. These niche ideas are strictly related products and services within the business of bubble tea. The products also help to give an excellent taste and experience to your customers. Making your business unique will help increase your customer base.

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What started as a tea stand in Taiwan has been spreading to Hong Kong, North America, Canada, and more countries. Some may think that bubble tea may just be a fad coming and going, but it has been around for nearly two decades now and continues to thrive. Therefore, this could be an excellent business opportunity.