How To Make Money As A Bingo Manager

Bingo managers are in charge of facilitating and overseeing bingo games. They play a crucial role in the game’s flow, fairness, and excitement. It is the job of the bingo manager to call out numbers, ensure that participants are following rules and give out prizes.

Many communities host regular bingo nights for everyone to enjoy. These are great events for friends, families and the elders of the community. These events are especially popular during the holiday season. 


If you’re not shy in front of groups and would like to spend your afternoons or evenings hosting community activities, then being a bingo manager may be just the job for you! To learn more about this job, continue reading below. We will tell you everything you need to know.

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Duties And Responsibilities

Bingo managers are entrusted with the responsibility to keep an eye on the customers and employees to ensure they follow all the set rules and regulations of the game. Bingo managers act on any realized misconduct, to ensure that the game remains fair. With this, they are also tasked with keeping the tone of the game enjoyable.


They also play a significant role in ensuring that all customer complaints are addressed and the employees provide high-quality services. Bingo managers have to explain the house rules and regulations on betting limits, and after the game, they oversee the payouts. They are also entrusted with hiring, interviewing, and training new employees to enhance their skills.


A bingo manager’s qualification requirements depend on the hiring company. They typically need a high school diploma or any other equivalent course while others require a college degree. An excellent bingo manager must have customer service skills, leadership skills, and critical thinking capabilities to solve various issues that arise during the game.

They are licensed by the state to prove their qualifications as gaming service workers. The applicant must provide a photo and pay a fee. They have to undergo the drug test and be of the right mind. After passing all the set rules, they are licensed to join the gaming sector.


Average Pay

The contract can be either long term or short term. The average salary for a bingo manager in the United States is approximately $64,610. The pay varies at times ranging between $47,770 and $103,813.

The average pay is influenced by the education level, additional skills, certifications, and experiences. You will earn a lot of money if you have a higher level of education and extensive skills and many years of experience.

Many legit sites are offering a wide variety of bingo manager jobs across the world; therefore, you do not need to strain your brain. You just need to have an updated resume and other required documents., LinkedIn,,, and are some sites that guarantee a long list of bingo manager jobs.

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Bottom Line

Becoming a bingo manager now requires less effort if you have the above qualifications. The job reliability is guaranteed since there are many casinos and gaming clubs across the globe in need of a highly skilled manager. If you are professional and energetic, this could be a great position for you!