How to Get a Job as a Hotel Manager

A hotel manager usually oversees different lodging establishments, such as hotel chains, motels, and spa-resorts. Once employed, a lodging manager will be responsible for the smooth running and operation of their facility.

Some of the daily duties will include marketing, approving the operating budget, firing and hiring staff, among others.


The most crucial responsibility/duty you must fulfill is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services offered. If this is a career you might want to consider, consider this article as your go-to guide for pursuing a job as a hotel manager.

How to Get a Job as a Hotel Manager 1

Nature of a Hotel Manager Job

In most cases, your responsibilities will largely depend on the size of the hotel you are working for and the number of customers therein. If you are working in big hotels, you will likely be office-based as opposed to in smaller hotels. Whatever the case, expect these typical responsibilities.


· Managing budgets
· Planning events, maintenance, and room bookings
· Training, recruiting, and supervising staff
· Attending to customer complaints and queries
· Promoting and marketing the business of your establishment
· Ensuring that your hotel’s standards are in line with the licensing laws

Hotel Manager Pay Rates

If you are starting in this industry, expect to earn a salary of about $40,601. This is inclusive of bonus, tips, and overtime. For those who have between 1-4 years of experience, expect about $44,666. Experienced hotel managers earn a compensation of about $52,558, and those in their late-career (20 years plus of experience) can receive a salary of $62,200.

Qualifications Required for Becoming a Hotel Manager

Whether you are a school dropout or a university graduate, there is a chance for everyone. However, having a degree and a postgraduate diploma in the following areas will make you stand out among your fellow job seekers. Management, leisure, languages, tourism, business studies, or any other degree in this field will go a long way. You must also have at least one year of experience in catering, waitressing, retailing, or bar work.


Must-Have Skills of a Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, you must be reliable. You also need outstanding numerical and communication skills. Part of your job description is to communicate with different kinds of people daily. You must also possess excellent customer service skills. Knowing an extra language or two is also a huge plus. You must be self-motivated and a go-getter.

How to Find Hotel Manager Jobs

If you are open and willing to specialize in more than one area, you will stand a high chance of being employed. Most hotel owners prefer an employee who can handle more than one role. As such, you might have to consider training in sales or human resources, marketing, or public relations.

Armed with these skills, you can then reach out to resort owners, inns, hotel chains, independent hotels, and motels plus private clubs. Most of these vacancies are advertised in local and national newspapers, publications, plus their websites. Do not forget to reach out to your friends who are in this business. They might be aware of a hotel with a hotel manager vacancy.

As always, you can also seek out job resources online with websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, or Monster.


Getting a hotel manager job is not quite as hard of a task as people think it is. After reading this article, do you feel like you are well prepared to kick start your career? Well, what are you waiting for? Send in that application and CV, follow up, and never give up on your career goals. Before you know you it, you could be running a hotel!