Guide for Finding a Job Through a Temp Agency

Working for a temp agency can be an excellent opportunity to gain experience, try out a new profession and see if you’re enjoying it. It will present an opportunity for you to find out what you’re good at and see what type of work environment you like. It’s also a way of getting your foot in the door.

Temporary employees are part-time or contractual workers working on a short-term basis through a temp agency for a client company. Working for a temp agency allows you to take assignments that fit your lifestyle


A company can hire a temp worker to fill a temporary position or simply to test out a new employee before offering full time work. Up next we’re going to tell you how to get work in a temp agency.

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What is a Temp Agency?

A temp agency works to provide temporary employees to companies that need them. Temp agencies keep a roster of workers and a roster of clients, and match the two.


Companies seeking temporary employees in the short or long term enter into contracts with temp agencies to fill positions with sufficiently qualified workers. Companies pay the temp agency and the agency pays the temp workers.

What Jobs are Available at Temp Agencies?

Temp jobs vary from entry-level positions to jobs requiring previous experience. Temp jobs can be found in virtually every sector, but they are more prevalent in administrative work, industrial work, professional-management jobs, healthcare, and IT.

Typical Jobs Filled by Temp Agencies

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors manage financial transactions for companies and enterprises. Employers can hire a temp accountant or auditor for a hectic period of the year, such as tax season.


As of 2019, they earned a median pay of $34.40 an hour, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Data Entry Workers

In just about any industry, data entry workers are employable. They may input, verify, or update a company’s data, typically using data software to enter and keep this information. Their median hourly pay is $16.10.

Maintenance and Repair

Workers in the maintenance and repair sector fix and maintain equipment, machinery, and buildings. To help complete a particular project, a temporary maintenance worker can be employed. Their median hourly pay is $18.79.

Benefits of Working as a Temp

A Flexible Schedule

Temporary employment allows you to work where and when you wish to work. Act only during school hours, take off the summers, or take a break from your life to do something else. If you’re a contractor, then when and where you’re working is your decision.

Quick Job Finds

A temp agency will help you get a job quickly. Temp agencies are always working with organizations looking for job applicants. You’ll undoubtedly be able to find a temporary job quicker by partnering with a staffing agency than if you looked on your own.

Earn Money Immediately

You can earn fast money. Temping can be a way to reach ends or provide you with a bit of additional money when you need it or when you have time.

How to Find a Job Through the Right Agency

Resume-Building Tips

The more general your skills, the easier it is for the agency to find something that suits you. Make your resume as simple as possible, highlighting all experiences, skills, and accomplishments.

Rid your resume of any unnecessary details. Some human resources staff won’t like these. Moreover, one should use a layout for the resume that is pleasing to the eyes. Use neutral colors for backgrounds and a legible font style.

For staff, the process of using a temp agency is relatively straightforward. You apply with a curriculum vitae (maybe online, depending on the agency), complete an application, and have an interview.

Once you’ve been accepted into the workforce of the agency, one or more jobs will be offered that fit your skills if there is one available immediately. There may be several days or weeks of delay until something opens up.

Interview Tips

The more successful the interview is, the higher the probability that you will be getting a job that suits you well. Treat it like a full-time, permanent placement interview. Dress suitably, and show up on time.

Attentively listen and use the appropriate body language to express your attention and concern. Bring your resume and be prepared to answer skill-related questions.

Make Your Inquiries

Read up about the company and its priorities, and think about the types of time the organization usually employs.

Be Patient and Persistent

A temp agency often has an assignment that is waiting for someone like you. But sometimes finding a client that needs your skills takes a while, or it takes a while for the client to answer.

Check-in with any staffing company that you have contacted at least once a week to let them know you’re still interested.

Guide for Finding a Job Through a Temp Agency 2
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When you finally get that position with the temp agency be prepared to be sent out on all sorts of jobs. You can treat it like an adventure and give yourself a chance to get your feet wet in a variety of occupations, all while being paid for the work you do.