Top 3 Websites for Finding Remote Programming Jobs

You will agree that getting decent jobs has become so competitive, especially in the engineering and development world. Getting full-time, qualified employees seems to be next to impossible. No wonder hiring freelancers has become the exciting thing today.

As an online programmer, you will be tasked to develop, design, and implement software or even online features for websites and mobile apps. You will also have to collaborate with other developers to discuss their needs and goals to integrate both fronts and back-ends of the application to produce a perfect and seamless program. Part of your role as an online programmer will be to work closely with other QA project managers and QA testers to ascertain that the code you are producing is free from any bug when you release it to the public.


Top 3 Websites for Finding Remote Programming Jobs 1

Eligibility for Online Programming Jobs

To qualify for a remote programming job, you need at least to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT graphic design, or any other course in sync with this field. For the technical bit of it, you will need to have some knowledge of servers, server logic, languages such as Ruby, Python, and C++. Knowledge of HTML, JS, CSS, and design will be an added advantage. If this is the kind of work that you might want to give a try, check out these sites below.


This site connects businesses with top talents in the programming and engineering fields across the globe. The company boasts that they can give freelancers access to the top 3 percent of developers all over the continent. Before they accept any freelancer into their talent pool, they usually run a thorough screening to confirm that you have what it takes to be a part of their team. With Toptal, you are assured of a 100% risk-free trial.



Formerly Elance-oDesk, this freelance platform has proven to be one of the best for finding any freelance job over time. Upwork works with clients across the world, and they always work with them throughout the hiring process. Getting through the process is quite simple. Start by filling in your personal information to set up an account.

There are several jobs posted daily; all you have to do is go through and apply to the ones that pique your interest. Note that applying to every job might cost you your account. Upwork believes that if you are applying without being hired, then you might as well not be on this platform. Before accepting any offer, you have to make sure that the client has filed the milestone or contract to make sure payment will be released once you submit the work.

Whereas some other websites usually focus on short term projects, this website provides long term projects. It usually has projects lasting longer than 90 days. also is one of a kind because it offers its services free of charge.

ADVERTISEMENT uses a typical model when its hiring freelancers. All they do is screen freelancers, do the interview, and take them through the hiring selection. The beauty of this website is that they never deduct payments from freelancers and currently, joining is free. If you are looking for short-term gigs, try a different site.


If you have the qualifications and skills needed to take on a remote programming job, head over to these sites and do your search. There are plenty of them to choose from, and you will be welcomed with choices. We wish you the best of luck in your search!