Check Out 10 Very Famous Photographs That Are Actually Fake

Photography is a medium that quite often makes people seem like gullible fools. With the use of Photoshop and other photo editing software, a creative mind can alter reality in wondrous ways.

A picture of a bunch of white flowers can easily be turned into a rainbow festival that would not even be naturally possible. A seemingly innocent event can quickly be turned into a horrific scene with the simple addition of something that wasn’t actually there.

There are many examples of these optical illusions. Here, we have chosen to entertain you with ten more additions.

I C What You Did There

A humorous photograph taken of the College of Architecture and Planning went viral, but not before it was photoshopped. Ironically, the alterations to the photograph contradicted exactly what the college was intended to teach. 

It made it seem like little planning went into the architecture of the institution’s sign. However, it was soon exposed for being fake, but the editing of the photo was so convincing that many people believed it.

Einstein’s Famous Photograph

The following example of photographic manipulation is a downright mockery to history. It shows Albert Einstein riding his bicycle casually as an A-bomb goes off in the backdrop. Although it went viral and many people believed it to be true, the original photograph was taken seven years after Einstein passed away. 

Although it was Einstein’s equation that made the A-bomb a possibility, he never worked on it directly. In fact, he was denied security clearance because of his pacifist views.

That Will Be the Day When Venice Freezes Over

The following photoshop masterpiece depicts a frozen Venice, with the Grand Canal completely frozen over. Venice is one of the world’s most beautiful places, and this picture certainly added to its character. Unfortunately, it is fake. The picture certainly shows one angle of Venice, but the frozen lake is actually from Russia

To be exact, it is Lake Baikal, which tends to freeze over every winter. This is not likely to happen in Italy, or at least not on this grand scale. In fact, it has been recorded only twice in history that the Grand Canal was frozen – once in 1929 and most recently in February 2012.  Nonetheless, the editing work on the photographs was brilliantly done.

Angry Cat Goes Viral

One of the most adored subjects on the internet would likely be animals and their often ridiculous behavior. One of the most popular and best-known internet personalities is Grumpy Cat. Just mention the name, and everyone will know what you are talking about. 

After all, Grumpy Cat is one of the most popular memes on the internet. The following photo was a possible attempt at recreating the popularity. This angry cat has the mustache for real, but it is the eyebrows and angry frown that has been faked, as if the mustache isn’t cute enough.

How High Can an Astronaut Get?

Although completely fake, the following photograph is at least good for a laugh. Astronaut and space vlogger, Chris Hadfield, was simply out to surprise his fellow crew members with easter eggs. However, the internet thought it would be funny to make it look like he was out to get even higher. 

One way to tell how this is fake is by noticing how marijuana is not floating around in the bag, kind of like gravity is pulling it.

He Bearly Made It

The following photograph is a good example of how an innocent scene can turn into a horrific experience with the right photo editing software. It is safe to say no bears were harmed in the making of this, nor any cyclists, because it is fake.

Dab Making History

Although this would make you wonder how old the iconic Fortnite pose is, it is unfortunately fake, and the dab is a new thing. 

The original photograph was edited to look like a historical World War portrait. It is, in fact, a behind-the-scenes picture of the 2017 film Dunkirk.

Turtle Mountain Masterpiece

Even though Turtle Mountain isn’t real, it is nonetheless a masterpiece of photo editing. The original picture is actually of Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, USA, but it has been convincingly transformed

This picture no doubt fooled a lot of people, but no one would ever find it since it does not actually exist. 

Fake Photos of Marilyn Monroe

There are plenty of photos out there of Marilyn Monroe posing with numerous legends, including Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, and even James Dean

Here is another one that shows her posing with Elizabeth Taylor, but all of these photos are fakes.

Behold the Moonscraper

The following photograph is a beautiful piece, both the edited and original versions. Perhaps there is just something captivating about the moon that makes it brilliant for still imaging. 

However, the realistic possibility of getting the moon to line up for the perfect shot is close to impossible. Nonetheless, it had plenty of people fooled and became a popular photograph on the internet.


These photographs are all good examples that not everything on the internet is real or factual. The next time you see a photograph go viral, take a closer look, because it might just be fake.

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