Don’t Go To Work During A Pandemic If You Have One Of These Jobs

During this pandemic, employers who are facing a temporary decline in the company tend to slash hours for staff instead of fully laying off jobs. Employees on reduced hours, or those who don’t go to work, receive unemployment compensation in proportion to their reduced hours. Workers profit from keeping much of their wages and access to health insurance — a key factor in such a public-health crisis.

Work-sharing schemes reduce unemployment by helping to hold workers in their careers. And short-term compensation incentives are well-tailored, targeting precisely those individuals who experience a decrease in earnings and who are likely to lose the most money. They are more likely to provide direct economic stimulus than lowering payroll taxes or giving checks to everyone.


During the time of the pandemic, you need to assert your right as a worker, more than ever. If you have one of these jobs listed below, don’t go to work. As much as possible, stay at home, and be safe.

don't go to work

Jobs Around Media And Arts

The Internet can be an isolated place but that is not always a negative thing. Although you will have to send your work to an editor or director, the majority of your work is done individually. 


If you’re a writer who writes about your own personal experiences, a graphic designer who creates custom images, or a web designer who writes codes at your office, stay at home. These positions allow you the freedom to be as productive and creative as you want by primarily using your computer.

If you have these kinds of jobs, you don’t need to go to work. Assert that you are capable of finishing your tasks at home.

Jobs In Business And Research

Market research analysts study and gather data to help a company sell its goods or services. They collect data on profiles of customers, interests, desires, and patterns of buying. They also use a range of approaches to gather data and information, such as interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, consumer research surveys, public opinion polls, and literature reviews.


Analysts help to assess the position of a company in the industry by studying its rivals and evaluating its costs, revenues, and marketing strategies. With this information, they will assess future markets, competition for goods, and pricing.

With this type of job, for now, you can stay at home and research the recent happenings in the market. Currently, the stock markets are going down, and it affects so many industries. As a market research analyst, you can start working on how your company can cope after the pandemic.

Jobs Around Counseling

Mental health professionals offer advice to people, couples, families, and organizations who struggle with issues surrounding their mental health and wellbeing. Many counselors approach their work holistically, using a paradigm of “wellness” (as opposed to one of “illness”) that stresses and supports the strengths of the clients.

As a counselor, you work to enhance mental health for people, associations, and communities. Counselors often empower clients to address thoughts and perceptions and explore topics such as drug abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, employment, depression, relationships, LGBTQ problems, self-image, stress, and suicide.

You may work in family care, outpatient mental health and drug abuse clinics, hospitals, government facilities, schools, and private practices as a mental health professional. You may opt to interact with a specific demographic such as children, prisoners, families, or elderly people.

However, if this is your job, you can stay at home. Don’t go to work. If you are promoting wellness and healthy living, become an example. Thankfully, there are options for your company to use video call counseling during this pandemic.

don't go to work


The current crisis is a prime example of the conditions in which it may be necessary to stay home from work. If you have the capacity to work from home, now is the time to do so. Therefore, if you work in one of these fields, don’t go to work right now.

For more information about your rights as an employee during a pandemic, click here.