The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painters

Properties such as homes and buildings have their own personalities with the help of landscaping, architecture, interior design, and paint job. Exterior and interior paint works, while may seem mundane, have the potential to elevate the appearance of any property.

If you own property, you may want to hire experts to paint your structure. This will guarantee the use of the right paints and optimal painting techniques that suit the appearance you are going for, and most importantly, your budget.


Now, the type of painters you should hire will depend on the kind of property you own. Usually, owners have residential or commercial properties, which call for the service of residential or commercial painters. Wondering how they differ? Keep reading.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painters


Residential vs. Commercial Painters


One of the primary distinctions between residential and commercial painters are the people that they extend their service to.


Residential painters are professionals who mainly offer their services to owners of residential properties, specifically homes. Some of the jobs they are tasked with doing include the painting of walls, ceilings, wood trims, and fences.

On the other hand, commercial painters deal with properties used for commercial purposes. This includes buildings for store rentals, retail stalls, and other commercial establishments.

These experts do almost the same kind of work as the residential painters but at a larger scale operation and scope.



The scope of their services also varies. As the first type of services residential properties, their scope tends to be smaller, compared to commercial ones.

Even homes that are considered large are still small in scope in contrast with small commercial properties.

For commercial painters, their services are usually applied to larger properties. They are contracted to paint all sizes of buildings, complexes, and other similar structures.

Company Size

Another important difference between the two kinds of painters is by company size. Residential painter companies tend to be small as their job orders require little manpower, especially as residential properties are relatively smaller than commercial ones.

One advantage of this is that the company owner has more liberty with their small firm. This means that they can handpick their employees based on the skills and experience they need. This type of meticulous employment can benefit clients greatly.

On the other hand, companies that do commercial jobs tend to be larger as they deal with bigger structures, which is why they need more manpower to fulfill contracts on time.

With enough manpower, the company can finish the job in a timely manner, minimizing any losses the client could sustain because of disruptions.


Lastly, these two types of painters tend to use different types of materials. Keep in mind that paint jobs are done using various types of paint, each having specific attributes and purposes.

For example, some are more resistant to heat, while others are not. Residential painters use paints that are suitable for home use, depending on your local climate.

Commercial painters apply coats of paint depending on the climate and the main purpose of the commercial property. You are guaranteed, though, that any professional painter will use toxic-free paints and harmless to ensure your safety.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painters


The Bottom Line

It is important to hire experts that are best suited for the job and now that you know the difference, know what you should look for. If you own a commercial property, hire commercial painters to make sure you get the most out of the service your money pays for.