Freelance Online Magazine Writer: Start a Successful Career

A career as a freelance online magazine writer could be satisfying and enjoyable. You get to meet and collaborate with interesting people, learn about new topics, and develop fascinating stories for readers to enjoy. It is also very competitive and needs persistence and patience. Once you see your name in print for the first time, you will know that your hard work has paid off.

Getting a job with a magazine is not easy. However, it is possible for most talented writers. There are a lot of magazines— from large to small — that depend on great writers to give their readers what they want. It’s an interesting career, and there are a few ways to get into it.


With few exceptions, magazine writers mostly create feature-oriented articles. Many magazine authors focus on smaller stories, while others create long-form narrative pieces. It can be a profile focused on exclusive interviews with sought-after subjects and celebrities with a length of several pages. Do you want to land a job with a magazine? Read this blog to know more tips! 

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Working as a Freelance Online Magazine Writer

Because of the complexity of magazine writing, many magazine writers work as freelancers. Some have cushioned roles at work, while others live assignment-to-assignment. Freelance magazine writers who don’t have steady gigs, like stories for a segment that magazine editors frequently allocate to them, can find it stressful to continually seek assignments.

Many full-time freelance writers have found success in pitching articles, but many rely on editors to give them pieces. The trick to being a top-of-the-mind writer to editors is successful, timely writing. Sending a tip to them now and then doesn’t hurt, either.



A college degree helps. In particular, a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or a related field will be useful. If you want to write for magazines, a solid education in prose, composition, proofreading, and fact-checking will make a significant contribution. A college degree is not always mandatory for the right person with motivation and talent. Practice and a long list of published articles can also get your foot on the doorstep of some publications.

Other Tips

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Read Magazines

It’s critical that you gain an understanding of the style of journalism magazines. It’s different from writing for a daily newspaper, and the best way to get acquainted with it is to read it. It is often referred to as knowing your market, and it is important, particularly if you want to concentrate on niche topics, such as beauty, fashion, or technology. Through this study, you can learn about the length and structure of the story and how magazine authors catch the reader’s attention.


Develop Your Skills

Every freelance online magazine writer has his or her own voice, and many choose to concentrate their careers on a specific subject. While you might start as a generalist, finding a niche that you love to write about is good on many fronts. It keeps you focused and helps you to focus and gain authority on a specific subject. It will also show editors that you are committed to the subject and will give you industry contacts that will be helpful in future stories. A niche doesn’t have to be very small, either.

Write and Practice

Writers need examples of their work and practice to improve their skills. The best way to do that is to compose and write a lot. Give yourself assignments and write sample stories, take up a side event with a local newspaper, or do some blog research. It will build a body of work that you can display when you submit questions to the editors.


Freelance online magazine authors are essentially journalists. They’re discovering, investigating, and writing stories that attract readers. The style of writing that magazine writers work on differs widely from journalism to other outlets, such as daily newspapers and blogs. Click here for more writing-related careers and tips.