Best Free Document Scanning Apps for iOS and Android

Digitalization is a buzzword in a world; the sharing of information and essential documents has become automatic. Be it on a personal or professional scale, resulting in better management and protection of confidential information.

Documentation scanning is one of those phenomenal practices that comprises capturing paper documents and converting them into digital form via a scanner. But, what if you don’t have a scanner or a multifunction printer at home? Bother not, because technology now presents plenty of free document scanning apps to your rescue.


Scanning Apps are pieces of technology that help individuals capture and scan documents with no more cost and bulky equipment. All you need is your smartphone to download and make use of such apps at your fingertips.

Best Free Document Scanning Apps for iOS and Android

Top-Rated Free Document Scanning Apps To Download

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner With OCR, PDF Creator

Adobe Scan is one of the widely used applications on both the business and professional front. Known as the most powerful and portable scanning source, it helps convert receipts, business cards, photos, documents, notes, and whiteboards into PDF for reuse and photo scan.

Some of the application’s incredible features include capturing and scanning docs, recycling content, cleaning up, quickly finding documents in photos, saving business cards to contacts, and much more.


Besides, it lets you connect with the world’s best document service for credible management of documentation. To use Adobe Scan, you need to download it from either Google Play or App Store.

Starting from capturing the documents to scanning and reusing with an OCR scanner, the app allows you to enjoy convenience all for free. In-app purchases are also available for specialized features. Therefore, pick up your device to scan the crucial docs in no time.

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

If you wish to take pictures of whiteboards and documents clear and readable, Microsoft Office Lens is a perfect choice. One of the top mobile applications of 2015, it serves extra other than merely scanning and PDF conversion.


In other words, you can also import images that are already saved in your device gallery. It heads towards efficient productivity at work and school makes it the seamless pocket scanner for people of all age groups.

In addition, the bounty of useful features urges people to choose it without any second thought. Some of these are capture and cropping whiteboard pictures, making digital copies of docs, automatic recognition of printed and handwritten text, and a lot more.

You can use it both for business and education to capture, scan, and share the documents and photos with the respected person. Surprisingly, the Microsoft Office Lens is available on both Google Play and App Store for free.

CamScanner – Scanner To Scan PDF

CamScanner is a reliable and efficient scanning app that makes your phone a little PDF scanner. Be it images or documents; it helps to convert them into PDF in a simple tap. You can use the application to scan, store, sync, and collaborate content across several technical devices.

The top-rated features of the application that make it one of the best scanners are quick digitalization of documents, optimizing scan quality, extracting text from images, sharing PDF/JPEG files, advanced document editing, and quick search.

It allows you to secure important documents by setting a passcode. CamScanner is free to download on both Android and iOS devices. However, if you wish to enjoy extra specialized features, you need to pay $4.99/per month or $49.99/per year as premium subscription fees.

As a result of Premium Subscription Service, you will be able to add an extra 40 to the number of collaborators, 10G cloud space, the option to remove add or watermarks, E-signature, and much more.

Best Free Document Scanning Apps for iOS and Android

The Bottom Line

In a fast-paced life, where everyone yearns for automatic business solutions to save time and money, free document scanning apps are the perfect solution. It helps to accomplish efficient documentation management by eliminating cluttering, extra cost, and the hustle of handling heavy equipment.

Therefore, take no time and download one of your choices to make documents and file sharing a breeze.