Beauty Therapist Jobs – How to Apply?

In today’s world, it is commonplace to find people exhausted from balancing family, career, and general life issues. Thanks to beauty therapists, though, you can have someone to help guide your busy life and help you to relax and have peace of mind. The demand for beauty therapists has increased lately, with most of them having to work remotely or on call.

With their demand increasing every day, there has hardly been a better time to get started in making your own career as a beauty therapist. Do you know your way around skin and body cosmetics? Are you good at blending skin care products? If so, read on to find out more about beauty therapist jobs and how you could start applying for a job in this field today.


What Are Beauty Therapist Jobs?

A beauty therapist is not only supposed to beautify people; they are also endowed with the tasks of ensuring thorough skin analysis and advising clients on different body and skin care products, which include reflexology, spa, therapy, and aromatherapy.

Basically, as a beauty therapist, you will sell and provide services, as well as spend time giving your clients advice on skin and other cosmetic care products. There is quite a range of customized non-medical services that will be required of you to provide to your clients, such as hair removal, massage, make-up, hair removal, pedicures and manicures, brow and lash treatments, and more!

Nature of Beauty Therapist Jobs

You can work in a salon for this position, or you can work remotely. In remote positions, you will conduct business at your clients’ homes or in your own home, you can set up your own beauty shop, or you can work under someone else. Whichever way you choose to run your career, your daily activities include, but are not limited to

  • Conducting skin analysis and advising clients on the body and skin care.
  • Performing scrubs, facial cleansing, gel polish, body massage, acrylics, eyelashes, mani/pedicure, treatments, aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, and more
  • Providing clients with guidance on stretch, strengthening, relaxation, posture, and more
  • Prepare and blend oils and apply the blends to clients’ skin
  • Removing hair through waxing or electrolysis
  • Applying make-up and advising clients on makeup application techniques
  • Selling and providing advice on cosmetic and skin care products
A woman gets services from a beauty therapist.
Brow and Lash Treatment

Beauty Therapist Job Rates

If you are interested in this line of work, you can expect to earn an average, modest wage of around $14 per hour, although this could increase up to around $20 per hour or more. This will largely depend on where you live, your clientele, and your company. Experienced beauty therapists with a proven track record may have more command over their hourly rates, whereas those who are just starting or have no experience will usually start on minimum wage.

Beauty Therapist Job Eligibility

To qualify for a beauty therapist job, having a certificate in beauty therapy or an equivalent education is required. In addition to this, it may help your service if you are young, specifically between 25 and 35 years old, so that you can appeal to a young clientele. As with any job, it’s important to have excellent communication and customer care service skills. You should also be presentable, know about spa products, and have talent in applying nail art, among other beauty services. Depending on how you want to run your career, you should be flexible and willing to work independently or on a team.

How to Apply for Beauty Therapist Jobs

Applying for beauty therapist jobs is not as hard as people think it is, as long as you search in the right places.


There are various job sites that advertise beauty therapist jobs but local your classifieds, such as Craigslist and Gumtree, are a great place to start.

If you want to work as a part of a team, you can also check general job post platforms, such as Indeed or Monster, where local beauty therapy businesses may be advertising open positions.

If you’re looking to work as a freelance beauty therapist, it is a good idea to be active on social media, especially on Linkedin and Facebook, including Facebook groups. These are very effective places to network and find new clients.

Whichever platform appeals to you, it is important to create a good profile, clearly stating your experience and expertise before you start sending out proposals.

There are many ways to attain work in the field of beauty therapy. Head online to these sites today to determine what types of work you’re eligible for!