How To Become A Confident And More Effective Public Speaker

Is speaking in public one of your fears? Well, you are certainly not alone. Even experienced speakers get nervous before going on stage. Effective public speakers possess a lot of qualities and skills, such as creativity, professionalism, and leadership abilities.

Through these qualities, you will be able to advance your professional career. Speaking also helps you build your credibility. Moreover, being able to speak and convey ideas confidently helps you stand out not only at work but in all aspects of your life.¬†However, during event speaking, practical communication skills help you build an image that people won’t forget.

Presenting in front of an audience is feared by most people. Feeling tense throughout your presentation is normal. Even experienced speakers often feel tense during their talks. Preventing nervousness requires preparation and practice. If you want to become a confident public speaker, here are three tips to help you.

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Be Prepared And Get Organized

A well-prepared presentation gives you more control over the flow of the talk. To do this, ensure that your notes are clear and precise. If it makes you feel comfortable, you can write them down on index cards or print them out so you can easily reference them while you are speaking.

If you have a technical guide like video presentations, it is best to ensure that there is backup storage of the same video just in case your video doesn’t play. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with any supplemental material well.¬†

Visualize Yourself As The Speaker

Through this imagination method, you can reinforce what you want to look like, how you want to stand, and how you want to be perceived by your audience. During the presentation, use the same visualization method. You can also redefine your audience; meaning, you can visualize the crowd as your “equal” and not as people who will evaluate you. Seeing them as judges will make you feel more anxious.

You may visualize them as your friends and make eye contact around the room accordingly. Through this method of visualization, you can create a friendly atmosphere for the audience. And, just like you would with friends, engage with them all throughout your presentation. You can share some experiences that they may relate to throughout your presentation as well.

Don’t Talk Too Fast

When we are nervous, we may rush through our presentation and finish too quickly. Rushing makes your anxiousness evident. Remember to take some deep breaths; it will help you calm your nerves. During your speech, focus on delivering a clear message. After all, what you saying is important, so it is essential that the audience can understand you.

Benefits Of Being A Speaker

Public speaking, and doing so well, can garner you a multitude of other opportunities and connections. Public speaking helps you overcome your fears if you feel anxious about being in front of a crowd. Speaking can also boost your confidence, making you a more empowered professional.

Further, public speaking helps you build critical thinking since organizing and preparing for a talk requires analysis. Moreover, during your speech, you will also be able to practice self-control. Plus, you will need to master the art of delivering your statement in a way that will not bore your audience without compromising relevance.


Being an active public speaker helps you gather and build social connections with different types of people. As you speak at more events or conferences, you will be able to see yourself grow. This growth includes being able to share your interests and being able to listen to other people. If you want to know more about starting a career in public speaking, click here.

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